Since 1979
Hawers is a manufacturer of industrial Clutches and Brakes
in south Korea.

GTC/GTCO types


GTC and GTCO types are clutches which are installed on a shaft line to transmit a power through tooth gear instead of linings by air pressure.

· A limit of rotation speed during connecting

- When rotatable clutch is connected to the other side, it will be limited by load Torque and Inertia.
- Please check if the clutch size and air pressure is right, and the clutch R.P.M. is within the limited R.P.M. of Graph.1 or Expression.1 as follows.
(But, except when stopped clutch is connecting.)

· Table 1
· GTC Drawings
· GTCO Drawings
· GTC Dimensions
· GTCO Dimensions
· Correlation between air pressure and torque